Why You Should Consider Eloping

Do you get overwhelmed thinking about wedding planning? You’re not alone. Thousands of couples are skipping the stress of wedding planning and going straight to elopement. Elopement is when couples have a small, private ceremony to celebrate their union. Elopement is growing in popularity, and it’s not hard to see why. Eloping is a flexible and affordable ceremony that focuses the attention on the couple. 

When you elope, the travel possibilities are endless. You also have the freedom to choose exactly where you would like to hold a ceremony, get photos, and spend your honeymoon with your spouse. Elopement is a great way to document your union and create precious memories with your partner. Here are our top reasons to elope and what to consider if you decide to elope.

Benefits of Eloping

Simpler Planning

Eloping is an excellent option if you don’t want to invest a considerable amount of time and money into a ceremony. Elopement may only require buying clothing, a photographer, a vacation, or whatever you decide to include. Elopements include a private ceremony that allows you to invite those you care about and want to include in your special day without feeling you have to expand the guest list. It’s also great if you and your partner want to get married quickly. Traditional marriages often require months of planning, but elopements cut down on that time. 

Connect with Family and Friends

Elopement is a great way to plan an event to bring together your closest friends and family and celebrate a memorable day in your life. A scaled-down guest list allows you to invite the people you care most about and spend less money doing so. If you’re looking for more information or have questions about elopement, Brides has a helpful elopement FAQ. 

You Can Get Married Faster 

One prime reason couples opt for elopement is to get married faster. With a traditional wedding, you will have to wait months, or even years, to book an event coordinator and venue. Elopement requires very little planning in comparison to a traditional wedding. You may only consider where you would like to travel or take your photos. Elopement allows you and your partner to make it official in just a fraction of the time it would take a traditional wedding. 

Things to Consider When Eloping


A photographer is one aspect you won’t want to skip! Having a great photographer for your elopement is important because you’ll want someone who can document your special day. If you’re looking for a photographer who values capturing these moments, check out my elopement packages. Elopement permits your photographer to get beautiful and intimate shots that showcase the beauty of your private ceremony. 


Location is arguably the most significant aspect of elopement. You want to make sure that it’s memorable for you and your partner. There are a lot of factors to consider when you’re picking a location. Is it accessible? Is it private? If you need help getting started, check out our blog on “How to Pick an Elopement Location.” You can start thinking about what matters for your location and get tips on picking the perfect place to celebrate your marriage.

Documentation and Witnesses 

Often overlooked are the legal aspects of marriage. When you’re planning an elopement, it’s crucial to recognize these legal aspects to make sure your marriage is binding. To verify your marriage, the United States requires an officiant and a witness (or two) to preside over the wedding. Be sure to check U.S. Marriage Laws in your state to understand what your marriage confirmation will require. 

All else considered, elopement is an affordable and intimate way to connect with your partner and make the day about your union. This event focuses on your partnership and celebrates your life together. Eloping doesn’t have to be exclusive to you and your partner. You can always invite your loved ones for a small ceremony or celebrate with your family afterward. Eloping is an amazing way to travel and see the world with your partner. You aren’t constrained by a guest list, a venue, or a specific location. Instead, you have the freedom to visit the places you’ve desired most. All in all, elopement is a treasured experience to share with your partner. If you would rather skip the planning, consider eloping with your partner to make lasting memories.

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