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Elegant & Timeless Engagement Outfit Ideas

So, it’s time to plan your engagement session! 

Exciting News! Your engagement photo session is right around the corner and you’re feeling overwhelmed with what to wear. Don’t fret! We’ve got you covered with everything you need to know to choose the BEST engagement outfit(s). We’ll spill the beans on what makes an outfit absolutely AMAZING on camera, from highlighting your best assets to looking incredible even after editing. So get ready to rock your photoshoot and confidently show off your love story!

Looking Good, Feeling Confident – Simplified!

Don’t let your outfit selection stress you out during this special moment. We want you to feel your absolute best, so we recommend dressing in a way that makes you feel confident and comfortable. The key to a successful photoshoot is to focus on each other’s company and the joy of the moment. When you feel good, it will translate *magically* through the lens! 

We know you want your photos to stand the test of time, so we suggest avoiding overly trendy or distracting outfits. Keep it timeless, just like our editing style. Ready to look amazing? Check out our best outfit ideas that will make you feel like you can conquer the world!

Wedding Photography from Harry McLaughlin

Ready to dress to impress? Let’s talk attire! What’s the dress code?

Are you a fan of casual comfort? Of course, we all are! But when it comes to capturing the perfect photographic moment, taking your outfit to the next level can make all the difference. 

Our simple rule of thumb: dress to impress in something you absolutely love! Don’t be afraid to go all out – it’s impossible to overdress for a photo session. Minimum? Dress like you’re attending a wedding, and choose an outfit that makes you feel confident and beautiful.

Let loose and have fun with formal attire – after all, photo shoots aren’t an everyday occurrence! When you look and feel your best, your photos will truly shine. So go ahead, get fancy and capture the memories that will stand the test of time.

How to Create Your Perfect Style: It All Comes Down to Color!

Color is key when developing your personal style, and we know just the right shades to help you shine! Our secret? Choose solid, neutral colors in earthy or pastel shades to bring out your features and create a stunning glow in your photos. By avoiding bold, flashy colors and sticking with timeless tones, your photos will always look fresh. 

To get started, pick 3-5 neutral colors that coordinate well together. For a classic look, try blush pink, cream, heather gray, navy, and leather brown. For a boho vibe, go for leather brown, rust orange, sand tones, cream, and sage. 

Not sure where to start? Choose your favorite color and opt for a lighter shade that complements your skin tone, eyes, and hair. Pinterest is a great resource for finding color scheme ideas, but remember, simple is often best. Trust us, follow these tips, and you’ll be a style icon in no time!

Elevate Your Engagement Look: Outfit Ideas for Her

For a timeless clothing style, think romantic, light and elegant fabrics. We absolutely adore adding in tons of movement during your photoshoot; it adds life and that authentic, candid feel to your engagement photos. For her, we recommend going with a maxi dress or skirt that can catch the breeze. Light and flowy fabrics enhance the movement and life in your photos. Depending on your location, a cocktail dress with heels can be an excellent option as well! 

In general, you can’t go wrong with a neutral color for shoes. Keep the location in mind when deciding between heels, wedges, or sandals. A fantastic way to tie your whole outfit together is with simple yet elegant jewelry, a fresh manicure, and a clean engagement ring. 

For a fun and elegant engagement shoot, opt for romantic, light, and elegant fabric choices that allow for extra movement to add life to your photos. If you prefer city-chic, try softening your outfit and adding movement in other ways.

Stylish and sophisticated outfit inspiration for him

The key to a killer outfit for him is playing with layers and matching the dressiness-level of your style. Layers add an editorial vibe and he’ll be feeling extra handsome, too! For his outfit, think of a crisp button-down shirt under a sports jacket that’ll make him happier than a seagull with a french fry by the ocean. Make sure his dress shirt is ironed/steamed to perfection – there’s no room for wrinkles in a sleek outfit. For pants, chinos or slacks are perfect for that effortless look.

The number one secret weapon for him is definitely rocking a sports coat. You’d be surprised how much like a GQ model he’ll look in a sports jacket with that shirt. It is naturally slimming, looks really good on camera and can bring a lot of variety to your images. Pro tip: trust us when we say, confidence is the key to making any look work!

For shoes, a pair of brown dress shoes with a matching belt is great! Unless he’s wearing black dress pants, then make sure to go with black dress shoes. Remember, shoes can tie the entire outfit together!

 Timeless, elegant portraits amidst the chilly air

To make the most of the chilly fall and winter season, indulge in warm and cozy vibes! Bundle up in layers, relish your session, and let the magic unfold! And if you’re wearing a stunning gown or skirt, slip into fleece-lined skin-colored leggings and stay toasty. Don’t forget to pack winter accessories for extra warmth and style. Oh, and why not add your favorite hot drink in a thermos to share? And just in case, snuggle up in a cozy neutral-colored throw. Trust us, it’s worth it!

Finishing Touches

Transform your shoot into a magazine-worthy masterpiece with some extra styled touches. Let’s kick things up a notch and add some pizzazz to make it unforgettable! Incorporating these extra touches elevates the beauty of personal and intimate moments that we’ll capture during your engagement session. 

Want us to create a beautifully styled scene that feels like an escape? We got you covered! Go all out on the accessories – think candles, lights, pillows, and blankets, etc!

Flowers are the perfect addition to any engagement photoshoot! Not only do they add life and beauty to your pictures, but they also complement your color scheme in the most gorgeous way. With florals, your photos get an instant editorial vibe, making your special moment shine with elegance and excitement.

Hair and makeup trials!

Professionally executed makeup and hair can make all the difference in your photos! A great way to enhance your engagement photos is by getting professional hair and makeup done. Plus, it allows you to try out these services before the big day. Don’t miss this opportunity to look and feel gorgeous!

Wrapping up, DO NOT WEARE

  1. Say no to shorts: they look choppy instead of elegantly lengthening your legs in photographs.
  2. Avoid clothing with bold prints and patterns: they detract from your beautiful faces and the precious moments captured in your photos. 
  3. Don’t match too much: it makes it harder to differentiate between the two of you in the photographs, so ditch the matching black and navy outfits!
  4. Pass on noticeable logos, graphics, busy patterns, and bold prints: they are great for fashion, but not so great for portrait photography.
  5.  Give jeans, sneakers, t-shirts, and tank tops a break too: these pieces are comfortable, but opt for elevated and timeless attire for this beautiful occasion.

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