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summer time wedding

Tips for a Summertime Wedding in North Carolina

summertime wedding

Surviving your summertime wedding in North Carolina

When is the perfect time to have your wedding? If you answered summer, you’re not alone. Summertime is the best time for outdoor ceremonies, receptions, and photoshoots. Sometimes, people holding a summer wedding will overlook the importance of the weather. If you’ve ever been to the South in the summer, you know how brutal the heat is. Not only do you have the high temps, but the humidity makes it feel ten times hotter! Planning for the weather can be hectic and affect everything at your wedding. Luckily, there are several solutions and options to work around the heat. Stay cool, embrace the hot, and read my tips for summertime weddings in the Carolina heat.

Avoid the Hottest Time of the Day

Arguably the most important tip on this list. Having your wedding during the hottest time of the day increases the chances of heat exhaustion, guest complaints, and a miserable ceremony. Consider holding your ceremony in the morning before noon or after 5:00 p.m. If your ceremony is long, then avoid the warmest hours of the day. A great way to keep guests cool is to provide parasols or fans as they are seated. If this isn’t enough, think about large box fans for some air circulation. 

Provide Cold Drinks and Light Meals

Plenty of water and cold drinks are essential for keeping your guests cool and hydrated. Ensure there is an abundance of water available during the ceremony and reception. Have a little fun with your drink menu and craft unique cold drinks for your guests. Fully stock the bar with ice, water, and different beverages for your guests to enjoy.

I would suggest against having food items that are heavy or greasy. Rich foods and heat may leave your guests feeling sluggish and unwell. Consider lighter items like salads, fruits, vegetables, and simple cooking. End your dinner with a cold treat. You could consider an ice cream bar, popsicles, snow cones, and other fun treats to enjoy. These items are lighter than the traditional chocolate fountain or cake.

Lighten the Dress Code 

Summertime weddings are great for incorporating lighter colors, tropical themes, and a lighter atmosphere. Consider loosening the dress code slightly so guests can wear light, breathable clothes. Full-length dresses and suits in 85-degree weather with high humidity are not a good combination. You can inform guests that the wedding will be held outside and specify a semi-formal dress code in your announcement. This way, they have time to plan and purchase a fitting outfit. 

Sit in the Shade

During your ceremony, make sure that guests can cool off. Consider investing in large fans to circulate air. As they are being seated, give them personal hand fans or water. If the ceremony is outdoors and long, seat guests under the shade. You don’t want the focus of your wedding to be on the weather. If you’re holding the reception outside, then you’ll definitely want to invest in a tent or canvas. This will keep your guests cool so they can enjoy your summertime wedding. Indoor receptions are also a great idea, but make sure that the venue has air conditioning. 

Steer Clear of Bugs

If you’ve ever been in the South, you know how bad the bugs can get during the summer. Keep your guests happy and avoid the bug bites by having your venue bug sprayed a few weeks before your wedding. Spraying may not eliminate all insects, but it reduces them drastically. If patios or decks are part of your reception venue, make sure they have bug screens. Screens will keep insects away from food, décor, and your guests. You could also incorporate citronella candles or different types of flowers that repel bugs. Lastly, provide bug spray to your guests. Consider giving them small bottles while they are being seated for your ceremony. 

Summertime weddings provide a wonderful atmosphere for celebrating marriage, spending time with friends and family, and enjoying the sunshine. People are always excited to get outside when summer starts, and summertime weddings have a unique feel that makes for a fantastic ambience. Keep your guests in mind on your wedding day and provide them extra shade and water. The heat doesn’t have to make or break your day. North Carolina can present several problems with outdoor weddings, but I hope these tips gave you some creative ideas to stay cool while embracing the heat this wedding season.  

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