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The Coolest VRBO Rentals in North Carolina for an Elopement

Wedding planning is a process that can consume your time, resources, and your sanity! If wedding planning sounds like a daunting task, consider elopement. You may have some negative connotations about elopements, but those are unfounded. Today, elopements have grown in popularity among younger couples looking to ditch the formalities and expenses of traditional weddings. The cultural implications of elopements have shifted drastically, and it’s regarded as another type of wedding that allows for a more personal and intimate ceremony. An elopement doesn’t have to be solely you and your partner. It can include your friends, family, and any other significant people in your life. Think of elopement as a scaled-down wedding or a celebration without formality. If this sounds like the perfect option for you, consider VRBO rentals for a romantic getaway or a vacation with your closest friends and family. 

How to Pick an Elopement Location 

With Your Partner

Eloping with your partner is intimate, personal, and on your terms. Elopements are advantageous because it saves time and money, and it can be more convenient than a traditional wedding. All you need is a photographer and a witness. No reception, no ceremony, and no party (unless you want to!). Couples don’t have to plan months or years in advance for venues or ceremony sites. If you decide to elope, all you have to do is pick a time and place where you want it to happen. 

Many couples decide to travel outside of the state or country for their elopement. When you’re picking an elopement location, think of somewhere that both you and your partner want to visit. From there, do research on the places you want to get photos or exchange your vows. Additionally, think of the expenses for finding a photographer or transporting your witness. Some photographers specialize in elopement photos. If you would rather stay close to home, it’s always a great idea to rent a VRBO in a place you’d like to visit. 

With Guests

If you or your partner can’t imagine getting married without your family and friends, you can always include them in your celebration! Create a list of everyone you would like to invite, but limit it to your closest friends and family. If you plan on inviting other people to your elopement, you will need to plan ahead of time. Look at traveling expenses, catering, and photography rates. Another vital detail is to make sure that your elopement location will be accessible to everyone at your party. Be prepared to spend more money to get enough space for accommodations if you’re spending your elopement away from home. If you want to celebrate with others but can’t commit to long-distance travel, consider VRBO rentals in your state in a place different from where you currently are. A change in scenery is fantastic for celebrating with those you love while saving money on travel expenses and making the most out of your elopement. 

If you’re residing in North Carolina, you’re in luck. North Carolina has the best of both worlds. It boasts gorgeous beaches and forests to get away with your partner or cities and lakes to get outside with your family. Wherever you’d like to plan your elopement, check out our favorite North Carolina VRBOs for you and your partner or the entire family. 

The Top VRBO Rentals in North Carolina 

For You and Your Partner

Pinehurst Tree House

This treehouse-style condo is tucked away in the forest and offers a fantastic view of Pinehurst Lake. It features a wrap-around deck, an open kitchen, and beautiful trails for walking with your partner.

Dazzling Oceanfront Luxury Condo

This gorgeous condo on Carolina Beach includes a private walkway to the beach, an open kitchen for brunch, and a few bedrooms for you and a few special invitees. The unit also has brand new appliances, parking, and internet. 

Fletcher Cabin

Fletcher cabin has rustic charm and several amenities to enjoy during your vacation. This location has a walk-out lake dock, a private wrap-around deck, and an outdoor patio for warm summer nights. 

Heart of the Sea

Looking for a quiet place on the beachfront? Look no further than this lovely condo on Kure Beach. Not only do you get the convenience and beauty of seaside access, but the city is not too far if you’d like to spend a night in the town. 

For Celebrating with Guests 

Seaside Stargazer

Located on Topsail island, this gorgeous dome-style house is a stunning location to host a reception party with your closest friends and family. This location boasts an impressive seaside view, private beach access, and oceanfront wrap-around decks. 


This cabin has spacious gathering places and amenities for all your guests. The inviting outside deck close to a waterfall in nature connects with your loved ones and is a perfect place to make beloved memories. 

Wind Over Waves

Wind Over Waves is a spacious house located near the water. With three levels of space and several amenities, all your loved ones will be able to find something to do and have fun.  

Riverside House

If you’re looking to adventure during your elopement, look no further than this Riverside House. Not only will you have access to tons of different activities, but this house can easily accommodate several of your loved ones. 

An elopement is an affordable option that still has the joy and celebration a traditional wedding would. What matters most about your union is spending time with those you love and celebrating this milestone in your life. I recommend checking our VRBO rentals in your area for a unique place to celebrate. However you decide to celebrate your marriage, an elopement is a viable option for everyone.

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