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Hiring a Wedding Planner

Pros and Cons of Hiring a Wedding Planner

What are the pros and cons of hiring a wedding planner in 2022?

When you’re planning an event, do you prefer to plan everything yourself? Do you rely on others for help? The same goes for a wedding. Depending on your vision for your special day, it may not be viable to plan and execute everything by yourself. That’s where wedding planners come in. Think of wedding planners as wedding managers. They oversee all the components of your event, from venue to flowers to catering. Wedding planners are invaluable for larger weddings when there are parts constantly moving. Are you preparing for your big day and unsure whether hiring professional help is right for you? Read below about the pros and cons of hiring a wedding planner to see if it’s the right choice for you. 

Pros of Hiring a Wedding Planner

1. You won’t have to worry about every detail. 

The point of hiring a professional planner is so you won’t sweat the small stuff. A wedding planner will oversee every aspect of your wedding, so you won’t have to worry about missing anything. You’ll work alongside your planner to make sure you get everything you want. They will ask you for input and confirmation before going through with anything. If there are any holes in your ideas, then your planner will bring attention to them. Planners are especially helpful during the final few weeks before your wedding when your attention is divided elsewhere.  

2. They know the local wedding scene.

Wedding planners have been in the game for a while, so they have contacts and working relationships with other vendors. This is particularly valuable if your original plans with a vendor don’t work out. Wedding planners know where to find the best deals and how to save costs for your wedding, so they might be able to negotiate a discount with a vendor. Additionally, they will consult vendors they know are reliable and trustworthy. Without a wedding planner, you may not have access to these benefits.  

3. They have experience.

Wedding planners have planned, executed, and evaluated dozens of weddings. They know what works well and what doesn’t. Planners know how to make your vision into reality and tailor your wedding. The input you’ll receive from a planner is invaluable for designing your special day. They are familiar with integrating elaborate themes or massive guests lists without sacrificing the logistical aspects of the venue or services. With a wedding planner, you’ll have experience on your side. 

Cons of Hiring a Wedding Planner

1. It’s another expense.

Wedding planners are no small expense. Their base rates start at thousands of dollars, depending on the scope of their services. Of course, the price depends on the planner. Depending on how many clients they take at a time or how far in advance they book out, you may be waiting months with a wedding planner. If you’re curious about the total cost breakdown, Wedding Wire has a great guide on how wedding planners charge. 

2. You won’t be in total control. 

You won’t be the one calling vendors and booking, or searching for floral designs. This might be a pro to some, but to others, it feels like a loss of the experience. When you hire a planner, you will have to be okay with relinquishing some control and letting the wedding planner do their thing. 

Your options for a wedding planner depend on your budget, wedding vision, and if you want the help. Consider how elaborate your wedding will be and reflect on how that impacts your funding. If you think a wedding planner would add value to your planning process, then start looking for those within your area. If you have no idea where to start or have no desire to plan yourself, then a wedding planner is a great investment. 

Unsure about your options? Try booking consultation calls with wedding planners in your area to get a quote on the price or what you can expect when working with them. There is no right or wrong wedding for hiring a planner, but it is an expense that should be evaluated.

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