the Philosophy

providing a stress free photography experience.

Seeing you happy and emotionally connected with your partner, friends, and family is what makes me vibrate. Being there to capture these genuine and organic moments means a lot to me! Time is taken to find out what is truly important to you and to photograph your wedding day with these things in mind.

The key to our successful relationship with your other vendors lies in how I communicate with them. Time is taken to introduce myself to each of them individually and to create a game plan, so when the big day rolls around, things are running smoothly.

When we work together, I really want you to have a once-in-a-lifetime experience.  I'm a big fan of music, so taking some time to learn your favorite types of music is a must for me. We use this to set the vibe throughout our time working together.

I remember what it was like to walk down the aisle myself!  All the great feelings and emotions, and I know what an important day this is for you.  So let's have some special moments together!

vow renewal session nc
Beautiful wedding couple at Camelot Meadows, a wedding venue outside of Charlotte North Carolina. For their beautiful rustic wedding.

vow renewals


starting at $2500

starting at$1000

Are you up for one of the biggest days of your life? The day you look each other in the eye and confess how important you are to each other, and how you will always have each other.  It's a special day! It could be a day where you celebrate the love you have for each other during a small intimate ceremony. Or, a day where more than 150 of your closest friends and relatives travel to watch you say the words "I Do". It is an important time, and one that will not be taken lightly! It is time to effortlessly create portraits that will provide lasting memories for future generations. If you're ready, LETS DO THIS!

Do you recall the day you took your vows? The day you promised to have each other through the good and the bad. Marriage is a journey like no other, as two souls become one to navigate through life's challenges together. There is nothing like it. Do you want to plan one of the most unique date nights that you've had in a while? Let's say I do, again. Vow renewal sessions have been created to keep the fire burning! A day centered on the two of you, and perhaps a few of your closest friends and family. Celebrate how far you've come on this day! Let's do something special that you may not have been able to do on your original wedding day, or that you always wanted to do together.  We set out on an adventure to a place that is sentimental to both of you, or just a place you think is breathtaking and have wanted to visit! Once we're there, you both will get ready together and we'll start the day! A 90-minute portrait shoot followed by a candlelight dinner, and the rest of the evening is up to you. You'll spend the rest of the night in a beautiful Air BnB where you can hang out, just the two of you. Does this sound epic? LETS DO THIS!

Don't let your photos become a distant memory.

What if I told you that you would take months to plan a wedding? You have to find the perfect color combinations, your family and friends would come from all over the world to be with you, you find your perfect wedding photographer… You get every detail perfect, and you have the wedding of your dreams.

But, you only get to look back at your special day on your phone or computer for a few months, and then it all disappears? Lost forever - only to become a distant memory...