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How to Pick the Perfect Wedding Photographer

Picking the right wedding photographer is huge!

Photography is a huge part of your wedding day. It’s how you’ll remember this monumental day forever! Picking a wedding photographer is a big deal, and there are some things you should know before you book someone. There are so many wedding photographers out there; I want to help you decide who is best for you. Keep reading for my best tips to picking the perfect wedding photographer!

Timeline to Picking a Photographer

A photographer should be one of the first things you book for your wedding. Once you decide on a date and possibly a venue, it’s time to start looking! With a date and venue already decided, you’ll get on their calendar in advance and know if they need to travel to your venue site (that may be an additional charge if it’s out of their state). 

Then, you can start planning a date for an engagement shoot. Engagement shoots should be done 1-3 months after getting engaged. Engagement photos are perfect for wedding “save the date” invites, formal invitations, photo albums, home décor, and even wedding décor. You can read more about why engagement shoots are necessary in this blog

What to Consider When Picking a Wedding Photographer 

Here are some tips for picking a wedding photographer. 

Artistic Style

Photography styles are the most defining factor among wedding photographers. When you have an idea of the type of photography you want, you can narrow down photographers pretty easily. You can take a look at their gallery (it’s usually on their website) and see what type of shots they take, the backgrounds, candid vs. posed, editing, etc. If the photos in their gallery resonate with you, they would probably be a good person to interview! Instagram is also a great place to see their artistic style!


Does the photographer have packages that include everything you want and need? Most photographers are willing to customize your package or offer add-ons such as an additional photographer on-site, a photo booth, and etc to ensure you get everything you want. 


You’re going to be spending a lot of time with this person (or persons), so you should make sure you like them! You can tell a lot about a person when you interview them. How are they responding to questions and asking questions? Do they make you feel comfortable, or like they’re desperate to sell you? Are they excited about your love story? Does it seem like you could be friends? You can view a list of questions you should ask a wedding photographer during an initial interview here. If you vibe with them, they’re probably a great choice for a photographer!

When picking a wedding photographer, make sure you like their artistic style, packages, and personality. I just want to capture the love between my couples. I like to work with artsy, fun, and laid-back couples. Sound like you and your boo? Book a call with me! I’m happy to meet with you and see if we can create something magical to remember your special day. 

About Harry McLaughlin Photography

I take pride in creating a fun environment and connecting with vendors so that everything can run smoothly on your big day. I’ll be with you every step of the way. From engagement shoots to day-of photos, you can rest easy knowing I’ll give you the photos you’ve always dreamed of. When you book with me, you’ll get a custom experience unlike any other. Let’s create special moments together! Fill out this form to get started.

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