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How to Create Lasting Memories From Your Wedding With Photo Albums

What if I told you that you would take months to plan a wedding? You have to find the perfect color combinations, your family and friends would come from all over the world to be with you, you find your perfect wedding photographer… You get every detail perfect, and you have the wedding of your dreams. 

But, you only get to look back at your special day on your phone or computer for a few months, and then it all disappears? Lost forever – only to become a distant memory. 

Sounds pretty lame, right? When you leave your photos on a flash drive or on an album website, that is exactly what you are doing. You need printed photos and photo albums that will stand the test of time.

The Impact of Technology

Technology has done some incredible things for us. Being able to deliver this message to you right now as you read it on your phone, tablet, or computer from all parts of the world is amazing! On August 6th, 1991, the worldwide web became public and has changed everything as we know it. How we communicate with each other, how we work, and how we play. What hasn’t changed is the way we respond to seeing images.

Photo Album

Family Photo Albums

Growing up, my family had so many photo albums. Cloth ones, leather ones, paperback ones, so many different types! I remember as a child sitting on the floor with my sister and looking at photos of our cousins that we hadn’t seen in a really long time or looking at our parents in their wedding attire walking down the aisle during their backyard wedding. It felt so good to look at the photos of my grandmother holding me as a baby and me and my sister sitting on my father’s lap. The feeling of flipping through those pages and experiencing a different emotion with each turn is something I will cherish forever. We didn’t think about how special it was then, but looking back now, it is one of my favorite memories.

Today, we scroll through social media feeds to catch up with our family and friends and view past memories, but there always feels like something is missing. Having something tangible in front of us that we can hold gives into our senses. The vision of our memories is right in front of us. The feeling of turning those pages and the old paper under your fingers and hearing those pages turn with the faint sound of “aw” with recognizing each photo. The feeling of nostalgia as you remember distant times. 

While I love the internet and what it does for me every day, I want to bring our storytelling back! As a wedding photographer, I want you to feel something special when looking at your photos, and I want you to have something that will stand the test of time and not wither away in the “cloud” somewhere. 

Photo Albums

When planning your wedding and finding your photographer, I want you to do me one favor. Consider the future. Don’t you want to be able to look back at your photos and show your future kids and grandkids the memories from your wedding day and talk about “the good ‘ole days”? To give them the experience of sifting through old photo albums and giggling at your outdated hairstyle or wedding attire. Printed photos bring families together and allow for each love story to be passed through generations.

Think about adding printed photos to your wedding photography package. New packages will be introduced in the coming months. All of them will include albums and prints because these are the memories that will last a lifetime, and will impact your current and future family members.

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