What's up?! I'm Harry

my core values

Harry McLaughlin Photography was created to provide an experience where couples feel an authentic connection to each other and myself as I walk with them throughout the journey of getting married. The goal is to ensure that every client that I come in contact with feels valued, respected and has an unforgettable experience. They can be reassured that providing a quality product is always a high priority for me.

I’m Obsessed With

i've got a background in

firefighting & DJing

good food & good vibes

Nothing makes me happier than

My Favorite Person is

seeing those i care about happy

my wifey!

I Started This Business

I’m Addicted to

at the age of 29

music & mio water drops

stuff to know about me!

My perfect hobby


In general, Bighorn Sheep symbolism is a sign of vigor. When this spirit animal appears unexpectedly before you, it is a message that you have all the power needed to overcome the battles you are currently facing. Thus, this mammal asks you not to flee from a problem, but to face it head-on. This animal also tells you to acknowledge the greatness that lies within you. In other words, like the Gorilla, Bighorn Sheep meaning is reminding you to hold yourself in high esteem and call the shots in your life. – “spirit-animals.com”


It's my spirit animal!