4 Reasons Why Engagement Shoots are Necessary

“Are engagement shoots necessary before a wedding?”

I get this question a lot from newly-engaged couples. To some, engagement shoots seem like an unnecessary step in the wedding planning process. To others, engagement shoots are something they look forward to. I always recommend engagement shoots to my couples for several reasons. Let’s get into them!

1. Get Comfortable in Front of the Camera

Sometimes it’s uncomfortable being in front of a camera, especially if you and your significant other aren’t into PDA. I get it! Think of engagement shoots as a test run before your wedding day. On the day of your wedding, you’ll be the center of attention. It’s likely that thousands of photos will be taken of you, and you should be comfortable with that. An engagement shoot will feel like practice for the big day. You’ll learn how to relax, feel at ease, and even look less tense and awkward in your real wedding photos. In my experience, that’s what a lot of people are worried about. An engagement shoot will help!

2. Get to Know Your Photographer

The more time you spend with your photographer, the easier it will be to relax with them. An engagement shoot is a perfect time to start to form a relationship with them and get to know them. You’ll feel more comfortable being around them, and that creates the best photos. You’ll be your natural, authentic self.

Not only will you get to know them, but they will get to know you and how you interact with your partner. Your photographer will take note of your individual personalities and quirks, and that will help them capture the perfect candid moments at your wedding. See how I capture these moments on my Instagram page.

3. Use the Pictures Pre-Wedding

Engagement photos are perfect for wedding “save the date” invites, formal invitations, photo albums, home décor, and even wedding décor. Guests love to see photos from the engagement shoot displayed at the wedding. Plus, I know you and your significant other will cherish the memories of your engagement shoot. 

4. Practice Makes Perfect

I’ve had brides kill two birds with one stone and have their trial hair and makeup done the same day as their engagement shoot. That way, they can see what it looks like on camera and make adjustments where needed. It’s the best of both worlds!

Well, are you convinced you should book an engagement shoot? They really are the best way to get comfortable in front of the camera and are useful for other reasons like using them for décor and testing your look before the wedding. If you’re interested in booking an engagement session with me, you can contact me here. I look forward to creating special memories that you’ll remember for years to come.

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