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Wedding Trends

What’s Hot for 2022? Wedding Trends This Year

Wedding Trends

Top Wedding Trends in 2022

When the days start warming up and the nights get longer, you know it’s peak wedding season. As restrictions are lifted and people get together again, weddings are coming back in full swing. As your date gets closer and you start to plan your wedding, it can be hard to decide what you want. Colors, activities, guest list… Where do you start?! Whether you’re planning a huge party or an intimate ceremony, more couples are beginning to take nontraditional approaches to their weddings. Social media and blogs buzz with ideas for color palettes, fashion, and photoshoots. Below, I’ve found and compiled my favorite 2022 wedding trends you can expect to see this summer. 

1. Earthy Color Palettes

One way to set your wedding apart is to select a personalized color palette. Traditional wedding colors, like white or shades of blue, are being swapped for earthy tones like rust and sienna. Blush, saturated oranges, and deep yellow also make an appearance. You can use these colors on invitations, flower arrangements, table settings, or even on your cake. Choose your colors with your partner and think of specific shades as unique colors to celebrate your marriage. It can be a fun bonding activity, too!

2. Sustainability 

Unfortunately, an issue in the wedding industry is the amount of waste generated. Food waste, plastics, papers, and flowers make up a majority of waste seen at weddings. With focused attention on sustainability and environmental well-being, more couples are opting to see what eco-friendly options are available to implement. One major way to be sustainable is to purchase from local vendors that use sustainable practices. Furthermore, consider donating flowers following the wedding or curating menus with meatless options. This article has some great ideas on implementing sustainability into your wedding. 

3. Candid Photoshoots

Find yourself getting frustrated with posed photos? If you’re a little camera shy, think about asking your photographer to take candid photos throughout your wedding night. These are great additions to your formal photographs. Candid photoshoots allow the couple to relax and show more of their personalities. Some genuine opportunities include the first dance, the cake cut, or dancing with friends and family during the reception. Candid photos take away some of the stress of formality and illustrate the togetherness you feel with your partner. If you’d like to see some examples of candid photos, check out my gallery

4. Live Painters

Want your wedding day to stand out? Consider hiring a live painter at your wedding. Artists stand in during the ceremony and reception and capture the moment as it happens. You let them know what you want to be painted, and they get to work. Some ideas include exchanging vows, kissing at the altar, or your first dance. The artist will work on the painting throughout the night, and it will be finished before your wedding is over. This fun idea engages your guests, makes your wedding unique, and serves as a fond memory of your wedding! 

Looking at past and present wedding trends are a fantastic way to generate some ideas for your wedding. Some research lets you know the concepts you’d like to implement into your wedding. That being said, there is nothing wrong with following wedding trends! They’re popular for a reason. If you like them, then that’s all that matters. Search on Pinterest, Instagram, or wedding blogs to get more trendy ideas for your wedding. Whether you plan something big or small, use these trends as a guideline for your research, find what you like, and use it for your special day. 

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