Wedding Traditions, First look vs First Touch?

Wedding Day Traditions – First look v. first touch

Do you want to do a first look or first touch for your wedding day? Let’s talk about wedding day traditions! I am a North Carolina wedding & portrait photographer who has been fortunate enough to capture wedding days around North Carolina and around the country. Want more information on working together on your special day? Contact me HERE

You leave each other the night before or the morning before the big day, then you wait and anticipate. What is my partner doing? What are they thinking? How are they dealing with the wedding day stress? Seeing each other for the first time is hands down the most anticipated part of the day.

There are so many new traditions that are celebrated in today’s modern weddings. There are multiple options now! Do you want to see them for the first time walking down the aisle? Or how about seeing each other in an intimate setting before the ceremony? Or even not seeing them, but having the ability to feel their touch before the ceremony?

We will talk about it. In a time where marriages were arranged, it was believed as bad luck to see your partner. Parents were afraid that if the couple saw each other beforehand and they would call the wedding off, this is believed to be where the tradition of wearing a veil over your face while walking down the aisle was created. What a time to be alive right?! Today, a lot of those traditions and superstitions have been pushed to the side and a more modern approach is being taken.

What is right for us on our wedding day?
This is solely up to you! That is the benefit of it all, at the end of the day it is your wedding day and you both get to make the decision that makes you both feel the most comfortable

The First Look
I’m fairly good at Googling things, and proud to say that I am a graduate of Google and YouTube university; however, I have been unable to find any historical data as to where this tradition came from, where it started, or why.



First Look Pros:

– Scheduling wise, this does help allow more time in the day for other activities that you may plan, an example being more time to go on an adventure for your couples photos later in the day.
– You are able to knock out bridal party photos as well
– You are able to meet in a more intimate setting of your choice first before all of the eyeballs see you both during the ceremony. This can cut down on a small amount of stress for those who struggle with anxiety.
– You are able to get your initial tears out and freshen back up before the ceremony

First Look Cons

–  Some may believe this is not “traditional”.
–  While it may save up some time on the schedule, it can complicate the schedule as well. Hair and makeup sometimes run a little behind as well as other getting ready activities and rushing to have everything done before your scheduled first look time could cause stress and scheduling issues.
– A first look could feel staged. While it is a very intimate moment, a videographer and photographer will be there alongside you both during this time and some couples may feel like they are a part of a production instead of enjoying an intimate moment with their spouse.


The First Touch

Recently another modern tradition has been formed that is quickly becoming popular. The First Touch is a nice in between for those that are on the fence about the traditional method and a first look. During the first touch you’re able to still meet in an intimate setting and share words or notes with each other all while still not seeing each other. 

Wedding tradition First touch wedding day in North Carolina


First Touch Pros

– You still get a moment together before the ceremony without seeing each other. As stated above, it is the perfect in between.
– Being able to feel your partner’s touch
– The ability to give gifts and notes to your partner


First Touch Cons

– Compared to the first touch, you will still need to allow time for the formal bridal party photos after the ceremony. 

Remember, deciding on either one of these is up to you both! This is your day, plan it how you want.
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